Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Bashing Dr. Rice

If the Democrats want to dig their own graves and try to smear Dr. Rice prior to her confirmation who am I to complain. What does concern me is the coverage that the SAEN gives to them. On page 4A of today's SAEN there is an article addressing the Rice nomination, "Some Democrats paint Rice as a liar." And besides the poor choice of the word "paint" I would like to point out that nowhere in the entire article can you find a quote from Dr. Rice defending herself against the charges of the Democrats. There are plenty of quotes from Democrats calling her a liar, but not a one defending her. Senator Frist is on record saying that she will win confirmation, but that still is not a direct defense against the charges. Why not throw in the Rice quote from the hearing in which she threw the liar charge back in to the heavily painted face of Senator Boxer? Just for the record: the AP story linked to above has quotes from Senators defending her so why did the SAEN take them all out?
Before anyone makes this point, let me: I know the web article has a different author than the paper article on Rice, but clearly the quotes I talk about were available.
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