Friday, January 21, 2005


El-Kikhia On Social Security

My best advice for Dr. El-Kikhia is to steer clear of writing about domestic policy and stick with what you know....umm, whatever that is. Don't worry I won't be leaving it at that, but I have to head to work. Feel free to post your comments about what he had to say today; I welcome them.
I agree. You would think that nobody ever made a penny in the financial markets. Everybody that invests in these markets has their money stolen by those EVIL Wall Street Republicans. I guess that Dr. El-Kikhia has all of his money buried in his back yard. The truth be told, there are probably moreliberals (Robert Rubin, Jon Corzine, Warren Buffett, George Soros, et al) lurking around Wall Street than there are those Wascally evil Republicans.

I wonder where those loving and caring public employee unions and teachers unions have their retirement funds invested? Oh No!!! Not in the financial markets!!!!!
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