Sunday, January 30, 2005


The Elections

I think that it is safe to say that the election in Iraq was a success. Early reports are that voting in the Sunni areas was respectable. Even CNN and MSNBC are having trouble saying otherwise; however, I did hear one commentator on MSNBC say that "elections do not guarantee democracy or legitimacy." This might be the tactic the MSM will use over the coming days and weeks to downplay the success of today. I look forward to tomorrow's SAEN. In other news, al-Zarqawi's group took responsibility for eight suicide attacks on polling stations saying "eight lions became martyrs today." Excuse me, but is that the best this terrorist mastermind could do? We have known about these election for over a year and all he could find is eight "lions of Islam" to die for him? If you ask me, things in Iraq don't sound too promising for al-Zarqawi and his cult of death; he should consider packing his bags and going somewhere else.
Zarqawi will be dead soon if he doesn't get out of the country.

Today's SAEN coverage of the election (and letters to the ed.)-almost all negative. Of course, they had a deadline to meet; maybe they will do better tomorrow.

Best coverage is of course on the blogs, but as far as tv goes, C-SPAN is doing a great job. Right now the Spirit of America guy is being interviewed, and a few minutes ago Christopher Hitchens chewed the MSM a new one-fabulous! C-SPAN has also been showcasing bloggers, and best of all, talking to real Iraqis in Iraq, all of whom are full of joy. Excuse me. I getting all verklempt.
Thanks for the comments Stace. I also watched the coverage on C-SPAN and was impressed. After the Fox correspondants who actually went out in to the country I thought C-SPAN did the best job all day.
My brother-in-law sent the following e-mail from Iraq:

The elections have kicked off here with a bang. Both literally and figuratively. These are some very persistent people who deserve the right to vote. There was a suicide bomber at one polling place who blew up. Before officials could clean up the situation, the people calmly got back in line and continued voting. There are restrictions on driving to reduce the car bomb threats. People are walking in groups of hundreds to go vote. This is definitely going well.
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