Thursday, January 20, 2005


Express-News Watch In Action

My post, Absolutely Disgraceful, that was picked up by Power Line regarding soldiers' funerals is creating some excellent commentary about blogs in general. It just goes to show you that even a small-time local blog like this can affect a media giant like ABC News. The blogoshpere is going to be a fun thing to watch in the coming years. Here is an interesting excerpt from the Fourth Rail:
The Old Media/Mainstream Media have some tough lessons to learn if they want to use the web to post biased stories or solicit assistance in promoting their agenda. As ABC News’ recent foray into the web makes obvious, the Blogosphere has eyes (San Antonio Express-News Watch), a brain (Powerline), a mouth (InstaPundit, Hugh Hewitt, Betsy’s Page, PoliPundit and a multitude of others) and a memory (Captain’s Quarters).

The Old Media/Mainstream Media can no longer foist off their bias as just another isolated incident of shoddy journalism gone wild. The San Antonio Express-News Watch is but one of thousands of citizen watchdogs monitoring the media’s actions. And blogs have only begun to make their impact. The Old Media/Mainstream Media had better understand we are watching, we can think, we can spread the word, we can uncover their attempts to hide the truth and we have an audience that seeks the truth.

Folks, the Fourth Rail is a blog worth reading on a regular basis and that is just what I will be doing. In addition, I am proud to say that this blog garnered mention in the Weekly Standard and Little Green Footballs! Let me take the opportunity here to thank everyone who has e-mailed me with their support and praise. Just remember that I cannot make the SAEN change it's ways without your help. God bless you all.


IMHO, the blogosphere is the ultimate validation of the 1st Amendment. If you look at this amendment, after freedom of religion, there are a number of items listed and they have to do with information exchange, based on the technology of the day. I think our Founding Fathers (I'll say it again for any PC'ers out there: FATHERS)wanted this amendment to protect the rights of citizens to freely exchange information. The "press" simply was one way to facilitate that exchange.

If you look at history, all oppressive regimes do two things to establish control: suppress free exchange of information and eliminate private ownership of firearms. (Perhaps this is why these items represent the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the Bill of Rights?) The blogosphere represents the citizens of a republic in the pursuit of their God-given 1st Amendment rights. The Founding Fathers never intended the "press" to be hijacked for the one-sided presentation of information that it has become.

Personally, I have no arguments against anyone having liberal ideas--I will respectfully disagree, but it is YOUR right to think however you would like. I do have a problem when an institution that was established for the free exchange of information has become the mouthpiece for a political agenda. If this is what the MSM has chosen to be, fine. The blogs, such as this one, will step in and do the job that the 1st Amendment has preserved as a right of a free republic.

God bless you Commando and keep up the good work. Our Founding Fathers would be PROUD!!
Thanks for the excellent comment. God bless you.
Yeah, kudos are definitely in order. It's not everyone that gets linked at BOTH of those 'blogs.

BTW, Commando ... do you do any shooting in the SA area? I am kind of new here, and have been going to the Bracken Range. It would be good to find some more gun folk to hang out with.
Congratulations on the establishment of a fine new blog, and a much-needed one. I have watched the SAEN descend into complete left-loonyness over the course of time. I think it is now one of the worst newspapers, in terms of bias, I have ever seen. I'm living in Austin now, and surprisingly, the Austin American Statesman isn't nearly as left-biased as the SAEN.

Keep up the good work.

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