Friday, January 28, 2005


A Fair Question I Think...

"Best of the Web" asks: Suppose that, when South Africa held its first postapartheid election in 1994, Afrikaner turnout had been depressed by similar measures [as those being used in Iraq]. Would that have made the enfranchisement of a long-oppressed majority any less a cause for celebration?

Commando: You know, this is exactly the kind of question that the SAEN hates because it shows just how biased they really are. The SAEN is hoping that the election is a failure, and in fact they are going to report it as such no matter the outcome Sunday.

I can't believe the gall of these people some times! Conservatives wouldn't even support economic sanctions against the Apartheid regime in South Africa, much less a military invasion to impose democracy at the point of a gun.
They just go from one extreme to another... They wouldn't lift a finger to support democracy in South Africa, but now they think launching a bloody war and spending $300-plus billion is the way to do things in Iraq. This is nuts, Commando.

Go and check out the long struggle for freedom in South Africa and tell me if you're proud of how the conservatives dealt with that situation.
First, things changes after 9/11...duh, but as far as my post, I was talking about the media's coverage of the event, and specifically how hypocritical it is; all because they don't support the cause. Finally, it has nothing to do with who supported what in regards to South Africa, to try and justify the media's bais about the Iraqi election because conservatives did not care about apartheid is silly. They are two separate events and cannot be compared; nor can one be used to justify the other. The press should report the news fairly, and the don't.
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