Tuesday, January 25, 2005


He's Just Misunderstood

The capture of al-Zarqawi's bomb maker is the lead story in today's paper. Who was this dangerous man? Well, for one thing he worked for al-Zarqawi, who is described in the story as a "Jordanian militant." If you will allow me I would like to quote former presidential candidate Howard Dean: "Yeeeeeeaaaarrrrrrgh!" I hate to keep having to revisit this, but it is important. Let's not forget that, in addition to all the other terrorist acts al-Zarqawi can be linked to, he personally cut off the head of Nick Berg. He cut his head off and all this rates is the tag "militant?" Nick Berg's body was later found hanging upside down, his head on the ground below. What does that make him, a "smart-aleck?" Please check out last week's Outrage of the Week for more on this.
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