Friday, January 21, 2005


I Failed

Despite the best efforts of many of us in the blogoshpere, the ghouls over at ABC News ran a story on a funeral that took place yesterday for a soldier that died in Iraq. My deepest apologies to all soldiers, veterans and their families. Here is an excerpt:
Peter Jennings: Fair to say, we think, that at some point today here in Washington, the war in Iraq was on everyone's mind, when the president spoke; when the antiwar demonstrators shouted as the president went by; when one or another military unit did something here today as part of the celebration. And we thought, too, of the many wounded at the army hospital here, watching it all on television.

And in Rockport, Texas, today, just about the time the president was speaking, there was a funeral for a young marine reservist, 21 year-old Matthew Holloway was killed in Iraq last week by a roadside bomb. His brother told a local paper that as much as Matthew wanted to be home, he was very proud of what he was doing in Iraq, and it is something you hear from so many people in the services, including the 10,000 who have already been wounded.

It makes me believe that there is not an ounce of humanity to be found there. Please take the time to contact ABC News and let them know what you think. Thanks to fellow Alamo City blogger Raving Heretic for putting this all in perspective.
Response from a fellow San Antonian herethanks for keeping an eye on the news; keep it up!
Well, at least you have the satifaction of getting this despicable act into the blogosphere. I also see that Rush picked this up this morning.
Keep up the good work on reporting Media Bias!!! You are fighting the good fight!!!
By the name of the prophet, that Jennings is a piece of camel dung!
Just curious if anyone has sent a message to the Producer that was linked to this form? I was wondering if he had replied or given any explanation? I'm sure you've all found the man's name, or at least hopefully. After all instead of just emailing ABC wouldn't it be nice to let him know just what you think?

from a very, VERY upset VET.
In reference to ABC news.It's just like that guy said in
"Casablanca". "This place is full of vultures,vultures everywhere."

ABC News. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious. Good job catching this one!
I feel like I'm living in Nazi Germany, the way no one is allowed to express dissent, or utter a statement against the war in Iraq. FRiGhTeNiNG!!
Sorry, ACC. I fail to see the reasoning behind your complaint. Of course, perhaps that's because you don't explain it. You tell us ABC ran a story about the funeral of an American Marine and that you don't like it. But you never explain why. After hours of virtually non-stop laudatory coverage of the inaugeration, ABC takes a step back to show one small effect of what is inarguably the major effort of the Bush Administration (the Iraq War) and you go bonkers as if they've just committed treason. Like I said, I don't see it, so please explain why it's so ghoulish and inhumane (your words).
THe prblem with what ABC News was explained earlier in the week, BUT you know what, I should not have to explain what's wrong with what ABC News was trying to do.
ACC: Actually, you *do* need to explain why you think ABC was wrong. That's the whole point of blogging, isn't it? To express an opinion and then to back it up with firm reasoning? I went back and looked at your earlier posts. On Jan. 19, you called what ABC News was doing "disgraceful," but didn't explain, exactly, what was so disgraceful about it. On the post immediately below, you call it "Absolutely disgraceful" but, again, fail explain what you find so objectionable. I'm still waiting to hear a reasoned argument.
In the meantime, assuming you felt secure in relying on the work of others (a common strategy among bloggers), I clicked onto some of the links you included. Several complained that ABC was wrong to look only for soldiers killed in Iraq; that they should be looking for those killed in Afghanistan, training accidents or even (according to Power Line) while delivering aid to tsunami victims (!?). Is that, then, your argument, too? Or have you another you care to share?

I have some points for you:

1. Given the intelligence assessments that Bush had on hand before the Iraq invasion and the ideological origins of the 9/11 attackers, all recent former Presidents (aside from Carter) and even John Kerry agreed that they too would have in some way attacked/invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

During any such war, American casualties would be inevitable. Would ABC News have shown video of a US soldier's funeral if Gore was president on 9/11? What video footage would they have chosen to represent "the other side" on Kerry? Him trying to explain how he voted for the Iraq war before voting against the funding bill?

2. Most US media outlets (and nearly all those of my own country, New Zealand), treat Bush with the amount of disrespect a snob has for an uneducated factory worker or farm-hand. And that is petty and repellent, though enlightening.

3. When your country is at war you are not supposed to attack the morale of your own soldiers. It tends to be unproductive. Do you think that American soldiers (all volunteers) were impressed by ABC's use of negative imagery to attack Bush - when most of them voted for him?

4. ABC could have chosen to document one of the many battles American soldiers have won in Iraq. Instead they chose to portray the Coalition effort as an ongoing failure. But then they've been doing this since soon after the Iraq invasion.

Doesnt matter anyway: Bush is in power for another 4 years, and the network news shows and cable news channels are losing market-share to the less negative Fox.

Thank you Al for your wise commentary! The press is obsessed with the bad things that occur in Iraq and all but ignore the good things. Why was ABC News wrong to do what it did? I will tell you: our soldiers should be honored; not used as a punchline in a biased report used slam the President of the United States. There are many things going well in Iraq and the only place you can read about them, in this country at least, is in the blogosphere.
I have a question for the person who said they felt like they were living in Nazi Germany. Please explain and provide examples. I don't want anecdotal evidence, but hard facts to back that up. It is a ridiculous claim, but you said it and now you have to back it up...or can you?
Re: Nazi Germany. Here is a report about a guy who was forced to remove his "Support the Troops" bemper sticker by the University he worked at:
"I don't know how they think these are political. I think they're patriotic," said Pete Baker, U of O delivery driver. Pete Baker has had the stickers on his work truck for months. Friday, a university employee complained. Now the stickers are gone. "I'm not Democratic or Republican and I was really surprised the university deemed them to be political," said Baker.
So, who is being persecuted here exactly?
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