Monday, January 31, 2005


The Iraq Election & Words

Just a quick aside on something you may not have thought of after the success of yesterday's election in Iraq. It is painfully obvious that the people the SAEN calls insurgents, are really just thugs with no support whatsoever. The editors over at the SAEN need to reconsider their position on the use of "insurgent" and find a more appropriate word such as "criminals." I know they will never use "terrorist" to describe these killers, but perhaps they will stop trying to romanticize this criminal element trying to stop the march of freedom. According to MSNBC the turnout in some Sunni areas was 40% and in others in was near nothing. Either way, the "insurgents" had their legs cut out from under them yesterday and it is time for the SAEN to call a thug a thug.
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