Thursday, January 20, 2005


It's Time For...

Stupid Headlines! A recurring feature on this site, Stupid Headlines points out the many lame attempts at humor which appear in the SAEN on a regular basis. As fate would have it all of them appear in today's paper.

1. An article about wine: "Research produces news worth toasting"
2. An article about Medicaid: "HHS pick prescribes changes in Medicaid"
3. About a possible tsunami: "Japan avoids a wave of panic"
4. About a worker strike: "French strikes derail train..."

I could go on, but do I really have to? It just goes to show you that it is impossible for liberals to be funny (Mike T. being the exception to the rule).
Writing headlines is probably the most thankless task in the newspaper business. It usually falls to some poor copy editor working on deadline who must come up with something concise, that accurately reflects what the story is about, catches the readers' interest and fits the requisite space. Needless to say, when they can accomplish all of that and throw in a play on words at the same time it is quite remarkable.
I get that these guys are trying to be funny, but it just isn't working. I applaud their attempt to add spice to an otherwise thankless job: writing headlines, but again, they failed...bad. And in that same vein I am using them to try and be funny. You don't seem to think the post was funny so I have failed to. I will try harder and so should they.

Yeah, it does take work to write a concise, catchy headline. As a former editor, I know that. However, it looks like the SAEN copy editors received orders to make EVERY headline "catchy" a few months ago. It has gotten progressively worse, to the point of being ridiculous.
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