Friday, January 14, 2005


Kudos to Ken Rodriguez!

Is the MSM opening it's eyes to the fact of it's liberal bias? Doubtful, but Ken's article in today's paper is a welcome addition to the debate anyway. Ken finds that CBS' actions regarding the fake Bush guard documents were the result of political bias and an attempt to derail a sitting president. The reason this blog exists is to point out the liberal bias in the MSM, and more specifically at the SAEN, and Ken's sentiments are welcome here. An excerpt:
Almost everyone can see that CBS has been undressed, exposed for what it is — a left-wing news organization.

The New York Times no longer pretends to be objective. The newspaper admitted its liberal bias in an article last summer. CBS should follow suit.

A two-person independent panel may not have concluded the obvious. But in the eyes of this columnist and many others, the verdict regarding bias at CBS is clear: Guilty as charged.

Now if he would only admit that his own "newspaper" shares the same bias as the NY Times and CBS and we would be getting somewhere.

Another fine example of liberal bias at the Express-News!
The Express used to have two columnists featured regularly on Page 3 - the conservative curmudgeon Roddy Stinson and the liberal muckraker Rick Casey. After Casey leaves he is replaced with conservative Ken Rodriguez, a former sports writer.
Now it’s all conservative all the time on Page 3.
Don't get too excited about one page in the entire paper.
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