Friday, January 14, 2005


Let The Bias Begin

Some people maintain that there is no such thing as liberal media bias. Well, this story should help illuminate the problem. Last week the MSM, and many lefty bloggers, were in a tizzy because conservative Armstrong Williams took money from the Bush administration to tout No Child Left Behind. This was clearly a problem and people on the right joined in condemning Mr. Williams’ action. Now we have a story courtesy of the Wall Street Journal that two bloggers that are favorites of the left took money from the Dean campaign to promote his candidacy.
The partisan Democratic political bloggers who were hired by the Dean campaign were Jerome Armstrong, who publishes the blog MyDD, and Markos Zuniga, who publishes DailyKos. DailyKos is the ninth most linked blog on the Internet, according to Technorati, a measurement service, and in October, at the height of the presidential campaign, it received as many as one million daily visits.

Will we hear the same condemnation from the left on this? Will we even hear about it in the MSM?
You're missing the point here, Commando. Federal law bans the use of public money on propaganda. There is nothing wrong with a political campaign hiring anyone they want as a consultant because it is not public money. But it is illegal for a government agency, like the Department of Education, to go out and hire a propagandist like Williams.
Just imagine how outraged the Right would have been if President Clinton's administration had hired some liberal columnist to promote Hilary's health care plan. The Republicans would have demanded an independent counsel investigation accompanied by calls for impeachment. But today they act like it is no big deal and try to divert the public's attention with unrelated and meaningless issues. (Oh, look! Some liberal bloggers worked for the Dean campaign!!)
And as far as Jerome Armstrong and Markos Zuniga are concerned, they at least let their readers know that they were working for Dean - Jerome even shut his blog down temporarily while he was on the Dean payroll. But Armstrong Williams never told his readers that he was a hired shill for the Bush Education Department.
Most conservatives are outraged over what Williams did, despite what you have said. What these two stories share in common is that the bloggers and Williams were ethically compromised, and the fact that the Williams story became such a big deal in the MSM, but the blogger one won't shows a bias on the part of the MSM.
I'll say it one more time. What Armstrong Williams and the Bush administration did was ILLEGAL. What the liberal bloggers and the Dean campaign did was NOT ILLEGAL. Thus the first one is a story and the second one is not.
And why are conservatives only upset with Williams when the Bush administration was just as culpable in this illegal propaganda scheme?
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