Friday, January 14, 2005


**Mayor Garza Blasts The SAEN!**

In the January 2005 edition of Scene in SA, Marco Gilliam of Newspaper Veterans for Truth interviews various Alamo City movers and shakers about the SAEN. The most open about his opinions on the "paper" was Mayor Ed Garza. Here are couple of the Mayor's quotes:
"The paper does not reflect the diversity of the community. I’m not talking about just ethnic diversity. I’m talking about the viewpoints, opinions, attitudes… The paper is not a true mirror of the community, of what people do and how they think. But it should be."

And perhaps most damaging, the Mayor goes on to say:
“Omission of facts seems to be the norm (at the Express-News),” he said. “In most cases, reporters do know all the facts---I know they know, because I was there in the middle of it all---but they leave some out on purpose. There are a few times when facts are omitted because the reporters just did not know, but that is not the usual case.”
Sounds like the Mayor agrees with the Commando on this. Mr. Rivard, are you listening? Scene in SA is available all over town so go out and get yourself a copy.

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