Monday, January 31, 2005


My Two Cents Worth

Iraqi election coverage will continue to dominate the news for a couple of more weeks and I have some advice for the left and the right. For the right, no gloating, yesterday was a great day but we have made many mistakes in Iraq so we should not gloat. For the left, turn off your hate-anything-Bush-does feelings for one second and realize that yesterday was a victory for freedom, the Unites States and most especially the Iraqis. What it comes down to is both sides need to say "yeah Iraq" and then shut-up, but that is just my two cents worth.
What?! You admit mistakes were made? You're not really a right-winger at all, but a left-wing RINO mole sent to infiltrate the blogosphere, aren't you? But I agree completely. Right-wing nuts will say this justified the war and the insurgency will stop now, left-wing nuts will remind us of succesful elections during the Vietnam war, but it's all just noise until we see how things turn out.

PS: yay Iraq.
Yes, I can admit it when mistakes are made. Just don't get used to it!
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