Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The Other Occupation

Dr. El-Kikhia is upset. He is upset because he believes there is a Zionist plot to occupy all the Middle East; just look at the U.S. in Iraq and of course then there is Israel. Funny that this man who wants freedom for Arabs in the Middle East just ignores the occupation of Lebanon by Syria. In fact, the MSM all but ignores it too. The latest news in this saga is that the Syrians have decided they are going to stay a little while longer:
Lebanon's leading opposition figures criticized Syrian comments that its troops will remain in the country for another two years, despite a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for their withdrawal.

Dr. El-Kikhia's silence says it all. Want to read more; then head over to the Dead Can't Rant blog, where "they report, we deride" and check out this post about Dr. El-Kikhia.
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