Friday, January 28, 2005


Panic Grips The SAEN

The Iraqi election is just days away and the SAEN is in full panic mode. On today's front page we have a story headlined "Panic sweeps the streets of Baghdad," but one wonders if this is the whole story. Never one to inflame the passions, the story begins: "This city (Baghdad) kicked into panic mode three days before the election." Are they slipping in to panic or just planning wisely? How many of my readers have emergency kits in their houses as a precaution in a post-9/11 world? Does that mean you are in a world of panic? I would like to draw your attention to something the SAEN won't report:
Using CNN, the Pentagon's preferred channel for information management, Brigadier General Lessel confirmed that a dramatic 50 per cent reduction in terrorist activity had been seen over recent days, and indicated that a spectacular attack on a key target might be pending.

If you get a chance to read the article in today's SAEN please do so. I knew that they were going to do their best to report doom and gloom in the run up to the election, but this story by Hannah Allam takes the cake. It is about as upbeat and balanced as a Y2K story in the December 1999 edition of "Militia" magazine. We should all just accept this as fact: no matter what happens in Iraq on Sunday the SAEN will do all it can to report the elections as illegitimate. One last point: the SAEN story reports that "Insurgents blew up six polling places." How can they report that fact since all polling places remain a secret.

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