Friday, January 28, 2005


Point Of Order

I really should not have to explain this, but I will due to many comments I have received via e-mail. There is a difference between the news side of the SAEN and the editorial side; not the least of which is that they have different staff. In addition, the news side is supposed to report the news without any type of political bias. They do not do this and that is why this site exists. The editorial side gives opinion, some liberal and some conservative and some in between. That is what the editorial page is supposed to do so I don’t have a beef with them, although I do sometimes comment on editorials or columns from time to time. Finally, the fact that Jonathan Gurwitz writes for the editorial page is not proof that the news side of the SAEN is not biased, just as the fact that Maureen Dowd appears on the editorial page doesn’t prove the news side is liberal. I hope that is clear to everyone. Finally, Oswald was the lone gunman, and there was no CIA conspiracy.
Hey Commando, didn't you hear? Maureen Dowd has resigned from the liberal media elite and has joined the conservative media elite. It turns out that they pay better.
Right. Editorials are SUPPOSED to biased. What scares me is how biased in favor of terrorism the supposedly neutral wire services are. One problem is that the SAEN gets a lot of its stories from AP and Al Reuters, as well from the admittedly liberal NYT and Los Angeles Times.
Again Mike, your comment does not address the point I am making.
Sorry about that. I'll try and stick to the topic...

Oswald was a patsy! Don't know about a CIA conspiracy though....
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