Monday, January 17, 2005


(Sigh) They're Terrorists

It is Monday and the SAEN continues to refuse to call a terrorist a terrorist; in two articles, the first on page 1 ("Sharon taking off the gloves") and on page 4A in a story about Iraq ("GIs nab dozens of insurgents"). Let's take a look at some of the words they use in place of terrorist: militants, gunmen, insurgents, and my favorite, the morally obtuse "attacker." But the Commando is not above giving credit where credit is due: they must really burn the midnight oil coming up with ways not to hurt the feelings of terrorists everywhere. Good for you! In the spirit of getting along I have a few more suggestions to add to the list: bad guy, bandit, competitor, rival, critic, enemy, backbiter, and finally, nagger. Glad I could help guys!
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