Thursday, January 20, 2005


(Sigh) The Youth Are Our Future

The SAEN has a couple of special features for us today, and I couldn't be more excited! First, check out the SA Life section to see letters to the President from various youths around town. At the end of it all you will discover that apparently the young people of this city are overwhelmingly liberal...just like the "newspaper" they write in. All these letters are introduced on the front page of the Life section by guest columnist Danette Morris. An excerpt from Ms. Morris' column:
John Kerry's endearingly quirky platform moved me and gratefully my family was supportive as I experienced deep sadness at his loss.

I found this statement odd since I felt an overwhelming since of joy at the election, but I digress. I read them all, and after the dizziness went away I realized how important it is for us all to get involved in the current legislature and help improve Texas' education system. By my count there are 16 letters from students, and the breakdown is: two could pass as positive towards President Bush, three were a toss-up, and eleven were negative. How's that for fair and balanced! Unfortunately I kept reading, and came upon this commentary in the Metro section written by a senior at Medina Valley High School. The premise of this brilliant piece by Drew Clary is that Social Security reform is connected to, if not born out of, what he calls our "failure" in Iraq. Here is a taste of Mr. Clary's commentary about President Bush:
Had his presidency ended today, his mark would not have been very positive. He would have been remembered as the president who shouldn't have been in office, and the one who brought us together for a few months after 9-11 before leading us into an illegitimate war.

His professional and optimistic view is that Iraq will end in civil war. SAEN Editor Bob Rivard must be in love with this kid! Now, I don't want to be hard on the kid, after all he is the product of the aforementioned bad Texas school system, but let me point out that President Bush has been talking about reforming Social Security since he started running for president...the first time. I don't necessarily like it, but every second term administration tries to build a legacy and faulting only Bush for this rings false.
I'm sorry but you should really be in the CIA or something. How did you read all that? My brain was on fire by the time I started the second article. You could really help our national security guys with tips on how to resist torture techniques. Man. Did you go to survival school or do you have a natural aptitude for this? By the time I put the paper down this morning all I could think was, "Would you like a lobotomy with that?"

Keep up the good work.

Renee, in a word: training. Each evening after dinner I sit down in front of my television and watch at least three hours of old Hee-Haw reruns, without taking a break. I have found that this little exercise prepares me for the mind-numbing experience of wading through one day of the SAEN.
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