Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The War For Freedom

Well, I hate to say it, but I agree with al-Zarqawi on this, and no I am not insane. Most of us that were in favor of going in to Iraq, and still are, did not feel that WMD’s were the sole reason. After 9/11 we realized that not only do we need to kill terrorist in the present, but we need to plant the seeds of freedom and democracy in the Muslim world for the future. Many on the left believe that 9/11 was our fault; the result of failed policies in the Middle East. I could not disagree with that more and now, in his latest tape, al-Zarqawi agrees with me. From Jonah Goldberg’s latest column:
"We have declared a fierce war on this evil principle of democracy and those who follow this wrong ideology," Zarqawi declared in a statement. "Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion," he said, and that is "against the rule of God."

The war on terror is not rich against poor, or Christian against Muslim, it is the forces of freedom against Islamo-fascist who want to force their narrow view on the world. Why can’t the guys and gals over at the SAEN figure that out?

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