Tuesday, February 08, 2005


About Iraq, By Iraqis

Well, the election is over and the same "experts" who told us we should postpone them are now saying Iraq is heading towards a theocracy. Husayn over at Democracy in Iraq isn't convinced and has this to say:
I am still confident that things are going to end up well for Iraq. Despite reports, and I have many emails sort of in a panic, that this party is encouraging a theocracy, I think there is a misunderstanding of the language used by these clerics. Indeed, this win will give clerics more importance, but it does not mean they will rule us. I have posted before, that Sistani does not mix politics and religion, this makes him different from Khomeni.

What a wonderful idea: learning about Iraq from Iraqis! Why am I bothering with this? Because the SAEN won't provide a fair reporting of all sides of the debate.
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