Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Cowardly Lions Of Islam

During the recent Iraqi elections one of the suicide bombers that al Zarqawi sent out to die was a 19 year old boy with Down Syndrome:
Amar Ahmed Mohammed, 19, a Shiite with Down syndrome, was a perfect target for the ruthless men of the insurgency - unable to speak because of the severity of his condition, he could not tell anyone he was being groomed for death.

While the family buried his broken body in Najaf last week, a relative speculated that Amar's abduction was an opportunist snatch by insurgents while his parents were several streets away, celebrating their new-found right to vote at a family lunch.

Now his mother speaks out in an article (free registration required) about how the terrorists lied to her to get her son to blow himself up:
Accustomed to living on charity, they were not surprised when, 10 days before the election, two men arrived saying they were from the local Sunni mosque and wanted to help Amar. Ms Zubaidi was overjoyed.

"They said they would organise a sickness pension from the new government, that they were arranging with the Red Crescent for a block of land on which we might build a house, and they gave me $300 for stock for the shop.

"They said that they would take Amar to a special school, and each day they collected him and drove away. They gave him sweets and clothes and cigarettes - he loved them. Sunnis had helped us before, so I didn't think it strange."

So they came to her door promising help, and then sent her son to die:
She recounts how a neighbor recognized Amar's decapitated head. The Sunnis have not been seen again. Her husband has spent the days since either sedated in hospital or wandering the streets looking for the two men.

Sounds like the terrorists are running out of willing participants to blow themselves up. Please check out the entire story; it will make you sick and it will make you angry, but it also reveals the true face of cowards like al Zarqawi for those who don't already know.
of course SAEN will not put a full page story in the front page section on this's not salacious enough. they prefer "exposing" sex crazed female interrogators.

btw working on a story about an exhibition at st. mary's university.
it's called eyes wide open supposedly
honoring fallen us troops in iraq. it does anything but honor these brave people.

the raven
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