Friday, February 18, 2005


Does El-Kikhia Finally Get It?

I had to wade through the usual blame America rant in today's El-Kikhia column, but then I came to this gem that gave me hope:
Under such circumstances trying to find a middle ground is not appealing, hence leaving Muslims with little choice but to reject those choices and embark on the difficult task of liberating their societies from dictatorships. It is not easy, but if they do succeed they will, for the first time, fulfill the intent of that Koran verse.

I have three comments. First, now if Muslims would realize they have to stop blaming us (or Israel) for everything in order to embark on freeing themselves from tyranny and we will have a ballgame. Second, if Muslims in other countries decide to free themselves I think they would find that the U.S. would help. Third, my thanks to Dr. El-Kikhia for bringing up an issue for which he is obviously qualified to speak to. I am most worried about point number 1 above, and as this Miami Herald writer states, old habits die hard:
Also, in what other nation on the planet does the Islamic minority enjoy the level of integration, freedom and respect enjoyed by the five million Muslims who live in the United States?

Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are attitudes based not on an objective analysis of facts but on hallucinatory beliefs contained in conspiracy theories of history that are based almost always on the paranoid suspicion that a small group of villains pulls strings throughout the world to seize all wealth and bring misfortune to their victims.

Once that powerful imbecility adheres to the brains of those who propound it, there is no antidote capable of eradicating it. Just as there is no such thing as a former idiot, there are no former anti-Semites or former anti-Americans. The disease in incurable.

We have a long road ahead.
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