Thursday, February 03, 2005


Fight Of The Week!

Let's get ready to rumble! In this corner, weighing in with an IQ of "pretty smart" it's the Doctor of Destruction, the Columnist of Carnage, the Educator of Extirpation Mansour El-Kikhia: UTSA professor and liberal Express-News columnist. And in this corner, weighing in with an IQ so high it's off the charts, "El Commando": babe magnet, conservative icon, hometown favorite, and bane of the Express-News! Hey, if this don't get you excited nothing will. So come back tomorrow as I take on El-Kikhia in a no holds barred fight to the death.
Go Commando!
A beautiful day...when people of the media are marginalized by your hard working average commando joe
Pretty soon your weekly fights with El-Kikhia may be all that you have to blog about.
Did you see the editorials today? Ever since Lynell Burkett stepped down the paper has been turning decidely more right-wing. First we have an editorial that blows kisses at Bush in response to his state of the union speech and rolls over and plays dead on the Social Security issue. The Republican National Committee couldn't have written a more glowing tribute.
And then they turn around and bash Sen. Kennedy for having the audacity to suggest that we may want to start thinking about withdrawing our troops now that the Iraqis have had their election.
You may have to change the focus of your blog if this keeps up!
Most of my comments focus on the SAEN's liberal bias as displayed on the news pages, not the editorial pages. That said, nothing would make me happier than for the SAEN to change it ways and let me find something else to blog about.

Holy shit, Mike. They've got Seltzer accepting Lincoln as a gay icon, Ives having hot flashes about Mahmoud Abbas, Landa prescribing English as a second language for everyone, Burkett writing paeans to Julian Castro, Davidson burning DeLay in effigy, Cary Clack groaning about the latest multicultural cause, and you think the editorial page is right-wing?

For God's sake, put down the crack pipe and Mother Jones and get some perspective.
What we are seeing, Mr. Anonymous, is an editorial page that has shifted from what one might describe as moderate Democratic to moderate Republican. But I realize too that for folks sitting out on the far right-wing fringes, distinctions such as that may be hard to see.
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