Monday, February 07, 2005


Good News From Afghanistan

Chrenkoff has "Good News from Afghanistan, Part 9" up on his blog. The good news includes this report from USAID on what it accomplished in Afghanistan in 2004:
562 canals and irrigation structures constructed; 310,500 hectares of farmland rehabilitated; 186 km of farm to market roads constructed; 138 market centers constructed; 8,400 loans distributed (73% to women); 3,679,222 livestock vaccinated; 482 km of Kabul-Kandahar highway operational.

40,000 radios distributed to vulnerable populations (including rural women); 400 legal personnel trained; 8,000,000 Afghans voted in first presidential election (40% women); 6,000 business licenses issued; $9,700,000 in domestic revenue generation collected.

169,716 students in 17 provinces enrolled in Accelerated Learning Programs (55%women); 16,200,000 textbooks printed and distributed; 6,819 teachers trained in Accelerated Learning Program; 80 schools constructed; 4,800,000 Afghan children enrolled in school.

4,700,000 people have access to basic health care; 1,971 MOH and NGO health care workers trained; 9,900,000 children under the age of 5 vaccinated against polio; 159 water wells constructed or refurbished; $697,000 in pharmaceuticals and commodities distributed.

There is lots more including updates about security and women in Afghanistan, so be sure to check it out because the SAEN has all but forgotten about the place.
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