Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Iraq's Sunnis Start To Embrace Democracy

It looks like Iraq's Sunnis are realizing the importance of participating in the political process and the necessity of keeping Iraq united:
Some 200 Sunni figures in Iraq called on the sides which took part in the recent legislative elections to consider the Sunnis as real partners in the process of formulating the constitution and the current political process in the country.

Chairman of the Sunni Waqf court Adnan al-Duleimi, in conclusion of a conference held in Baghdad in the presence of tribal chiefs and representatives for the Sunni parties and commissions in 6 governorates, said that Iraq is for the Iraqis. He added that if the Sunnis in Iraq did not take part in the elections, this does not mean they do not want to take part in the political life, stressing the need to work for maintaining the unity of Iraq, its independence and sovereignty, until the day when the American forces will leave the country.

Al-Duleimi called on the Sunni parties to unify their ranks in order to take part in the next elections in a united list.

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