Monday, February 07, 2005


Is The SAEN Catching On?

I should have stopped at the headline on the front page: "Mood in Iraq may be shifting." Be that as it may, I can give credit where credit is due and so I thank the SAEN for publishing this story. Perhaps it is their way of saying sorry for all the clap-trap they wrote in the run-up to the Iraqi election, and all the suggestions they printed from "experts" who said we should postpone them. Money quote:
"You can feel the situation has changed," said Haider Abdul Hussein, 30, a pharmacy owner. "People seem to linger on the street longer. You can feel the momentum, the sense of optimism."

Hello, Ms. Ives, are you listening? I am not saying that Iraq is out of danger, but it helps to keep things in perspective. And as the SAEN tells us on page 8A in a report from Mexico via the Associated Press, Iraq is not the only dangerous place left in the World:
On Saturday unidentified gunmen with automatic weapons killed three policemen and a 15-year-old bystander in three separate Guerrilla-style attacks in the Acapulco area.

Darn it, they missed their big chance to run this healine: "Acapulco streets run with blood."

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