Monday, February 21, 2005



Interesting story on page one today headlined "Social Security lobbyist vow to 'dynamite' AARP." In it the SAEN identifies a group opposing the AARP, and supporting President Bush, as "conservative," but fails to provide any label for the AARP. I am not saying that USA Next isn't conservative. What I am saying is that if the SAEN finds it necessary to label it as such then it should also slap the AARP with the label of "liberal." Professor Bainbridge cites just one of the many examples of why the AARP is liberal:
...that the AARP quietly has joined up with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights to oppose President Bush's judicial nominees.

Fair is fair. If they are going to label conservative groups for their readers then they should do the same for liberal groups. Just another prime example of the SAEN's liberal bias!
The AARP supported President Bush when he was pushing for his prescription drug benefits plan. Does that mean that they were conservative then, but liberal now?

The real problem with the story is that it labels the USA Next group as "conservative" when clearly they would better be described as "radicals."

The AARP is a group that represents the interests of all seniors regardless of their ideology. USA Next is a ideological group with a radical right-wing agenda.
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