Thursday, February 17, 2005


The MSM Hates Blogs

I have to laugh because in the face of ever eroding trust in the media, people in the MSM still find time to look down their noses at bloggers. Thanks to Commando reader ELB for this tip. On page 6A of Thursday's paper, in a report headlined "Journalist may be armed with a shield" ELB points out that the head of the Texas Press Association is worried about a bill introduced in the Texas Legislature because it might include bloggers:
"...but she said it's broad definition of the term 'journalist' poses a slippery slope because it could extend protections to bloggers."

And as ELB points out the SAEN also omits some important information. The person filing the bill, Aaron Pena, D-Edinburg, happens to be a blogger; a fact left out of the "newspaper" story:
Pena, a blogger himself, said he likes the idea of including bloggers, but is willing to consider other viewpoints. Pena said he wasn't aware of journalists' past opposition to shield law in Texas and didn't know similar bills had failed before.

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