Friday, February 04, 2005


On Torture and Lap Dances

In today's SAEN Mansour El-Kikhia attempts to address the issue of torture by the U.S. in an article under the headline "U.S. torture makes mockery of liberty." After careful research I have concluded that El-Kikhia's columns can be organized in to three categories: blame the Unites States, blame President Bush, and blame Israel. Sometimes his columns combine two or all of the categories. Today's column combines the blame America and blame Bush categories. Before I go on let me correct a few misconceptions in the article: (1)The perpetrators of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib were a small criminal element acting on their own and there is no proof to the contrary. The army acted swiftly and they have been or are being punished for their actions; (2) Any implication that somehow President Bush signed off on the type of abuse that happened at Abu Ghraib is a lie; and (3) Al Jazeera is anti-American as any fool can see from viewing it's web site. There is a huge difference between torture and coercion, but El-Kikhia never mentions such a distinction, and for him blaring loud heavy metal music or leaving the lights on at night are the same as cutting off fingers. He also adds lap dances into the torture mix because the terrorists we have at Guantanamo are such observant Muslims that to have a woman touch and rub them is tantamount to torture. When I read this my first thought was that if these guys are such great Muslims then does that mean that Islam is not a peaceful religion and that terrorism is condoned by it? El-Kikhia then goes on to ask how the Bush administration can claim to care about Muslims in light of the prisoner abuse claims. I don’t know, maybe the fact that President Bush ordered our military to free 50 million Muslims from tyranny is a good reason for them to claim so. Even more absurd, he then claims that President Bush’s administration “…cannot serve as a shining example to any society of freedom and democracy, “and has “…ushered in a new era of disrespect for international law and civilized behavior.” There he goes again, blaming President Bush directly for the actions of a few criminals. Moreover, isn’t it funny that every time America ignores international law, or more appropriately the UN, it is in the cause of helping Muslims, and still El-Kikhia complains? Clinton avoided the UN and bombed Serbia and Bush ignored the UN and freed Iraq. I don’t have a problem with the world holding Americans to a higher standard, they should, but I do have a problem when people take the actions of a few people and then try to blame all Americans. It would be like me saying that because I saw a Muslim cut off somebody’s head that must mean that all Muslims cut off heads. That is an absurd thing to say and so is El-Kikhia’s column. Once again he has let his hatred of President Bush overrule his intellect.

Update 1: I have spoken to El-Kikhia via e-mail and he is upset with my post and feels I am not being fair. I will leave that up to you guys, but I wanted to pass along his sentiments so you can judge for yourself if I am a "waco fascist" or not.
Good fisking, and I'm sorry that Dr. El-Kikhia is upset, but this post is completely fair. I have little to add except that one reason many in the Arab world hate us (as El-Kikhia says) is that Al Jazeera and the state sponsored clerics of some counries encourage the people to hate infidels.

Regarding the so-called torture, these guys are hardened terrorists trained to resist interrogation, so the use of intense psychological pressure is legitimate. And if we can use their misogynist culture against them to get results, so much the better.
El-Kikhia is whining. Your analysis is far more fair to him than he is to the United States, President Bush, or the Jews. His venom against Republicans and Conservatives knows no bounds and he has vilified them and insulted them in prior articles.

The truly fearful thing is that he is a professor at UTSA, probably indoctrinating his students with his bile. Pity those poor students who dare to express a contrary opinion. I think we can guess who gets the A's in his class and who does not.
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