Sunday, February 27, 2005


Oscar Predictions

After taking a couple of days off the Commando is back and I have decided to throw my Oscar predictions into the mix.
Best Actor: Foxx
Best Actress: Swank
Best Film: Million Dollar Baby
Best Supporting Actor: Freeman
Best Supporting Actress: Have no idea
Best Director: Eastwood
There you have it folks, my best guess.

Update: Rock just opened up the ceremonies with an anti-Bush tirade. I have turned off the Oscars and will read about it in tomorrow's paper.
You did better with your Oscar predictions than I did. I was predicting a sweep by the Aviator.
But did you seriously turn off the Oscars and not watch because of Rock's "anti-Bush tirade"?? You're kidding, right?
If I was as thin-skinned about things like that when Clinton was president I would have never watched TV. They were constantly taking shots at Clinton during these award shows in the '90s - not to mention the late-night comics like Jay Leno who to this day still bashes Clinton more than Bush.
I am not thin-skinned. I just don't think that such comments belong in an awards ceremony such as the Oscars. If it was about Clinton I would have turned it off as well. I hear anti-Bush stuff all the time on the networks and C-SPAN and CNN and MSNBC and Fox. Also, the print media is awash in such stuff. Also, I find it silly when people without a HS diploma start calling a guy with an MBA from Harvard as dumb just because he isn't a liberal.

One final comment: I don't really watch them, but shows like SNL, the Daily Show and Leno are the right places for such statements. We expect such things from them and if I do watch I don't turn the channel because of derogatory comments about somebody I admire. I certainly get my fill when I do watch the Daily Show or SNL, but like I said, we expect that kind of thing when we watch those shows.

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