Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Our Saudi Friends:

From MEMRI comes this transcript of a Saudi television show where a Saudi preacher named Musa Al-Qarni praises the "jihad" in Iraq:
We ask Allah to strengthen the spirits of the Jihad fighters in Iraq, and to help them against their enemies, the Jews and the Christians.

Likewise, I emphasize that the Jihad that the Muslims are fighting in Iraq in order to repel the enemy aggressor, the Jews and the Christians, who are attacking land and honor – I emphasize that this Jihad is legitimate Jihad, Jihad for Allah's sake, and it is considered defense of Muslim countries, their lands and their honor. The doubts that are raised against this Jihad are not correct and are out of place.

He goes on to say this of Islam:
Islam uses the sword when there is no other alternative. Therefore wisdom, as the religious authorities say, consists in utilizing each thing in its proper place. If there is need for the sword, then it is wise to use the sword, and if the occasion requires kind words and outreach, then it is wise to utilize them.

So, if you can't sway them with words this peaceful religion suggest that you resort to the sword.
Interesting. However, i bet you can find quite a few Christian churches who say that we should kill all of the muslims.
I doubt that very seriously, but if you can provide proof then go for it. And if there was one the difference would be that the person saying that would be condemned loudly. Not so most of the time with Muslims who say such extreme things.
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