Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Right Again!

Yesterday I surmised that the SAEN would ignore the great news out of Afghanistan that many Taliban are giving up the fight against the Karzai government and accepting an offer of amnesty. Well, I was right; not a word about it in the SAEN, but there is a story out of Afghanistan headlined: "Scores of kids die in Afghan cold." You know, I try not to be too harsh on the SAEN, but I find their refusal to print a story about the Taliban giving up to be inexcusable. And not only have they ignored the story, but check out this excerpt from the "Scores of kids die..." story:
In Zabul, a province in the southeastern badlands haunted by Taliban militants...

So according to the SAEN I guess the Taliban aren't giving up and accepting the amnesty offer because they are too busy haunting the people of Zabul. Just as a refresher, here is a small excerpt from my post yesterday:
One of the Taliban's most senior and charismatic commanders has become a key negotiator as more and more members of the Islamic militia in Afghanistan give up the fight against the Americans.

I wonder, is anyone over at the SAEN interested in getting the truth to their readers? Today's column by Jonathan Gurwitz is about the Eason Jordan story, which I wrote about briefly here. In writing about Eason Jordan Mr. Gurwitz expresses a sentiment that could easily apply here. A sentiment stated on this blog almost every day:
The reinforced perception among a skeptical American public is that the ideas animating the mind of Jordan also animate the institutions that force-fed images of Abu Ghraib Prison but purged images of beheadings, that routinely report casualties from the war in Iraq but curiously neglect to do the same for the war in Afghanistan.

The editors over at the SAEN should listen to SAEN Watch and Mr. Gurwitz.
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