Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Roddy Stinson

In today's paper Roddy Stinson refreshes our memories about what local Democrats were saying about Operation Iraqi Freedom back in 2003. I don't think this qualifies as gloating since all Mr. Stinson is doing is using their own words against them as stated in a "Statement of Conscience" that was placed in the SAEN by the Stonewall Democratic Club, North East Bexar County Democrats, San Antonio Democratic League and Progressive Faculty Association UTSA. Pay close attention to the wording in the Statement, especially the use of "these." Here is a sample:
Statement of Conscience: "We will not hand over our consciences...We refuse to be party to these wars, and we repudiate any inference that they are being waged in our name.
From the AP yesterday: "I came here to vote for our goal, which is freedom, and this is the first step toward democracy," said Abu Ahmed, a voter in Baqouba.

I was really dismayed at the use of "these wars" in the Statement of Conscience because it is hard to believe that anyone in America could be against the war in Afghanistan. Come to think of it, perhaps they should have called it the "Statement of Unconsciousness."
The groups that signed that statement of conscience should merge and call themselves "Democrats Against Democracy".

I often disagree with Roddy, but I thought this column was great.

I agree, too, with the "no gloating" thing. Gloating does not persuade anyone to your side, which is the whole point of politics, which is why it's crazy that a few Democrats are destroying their party's future chances by using hateful and contemptuous language aginst their opponents. (I am a former Democrat, by the way.)

Although I won't gloat about Iraq's glorious day of freedom to my anti-war friends, I am proud that I may have helped in a tiny way with my own "statement of conscience" by voting for Bush and by donating to charities such as Spirit of America and Operation Iraqi Children.

Yeah Iraq!!!
And you're right, "Statement of Unconsciousness" would have been a better name for that document.
I am enjoying your comments so please keep it up! Yay Iraq!

Thanks, Commando. Thank you for doing such a great job on this blog!
Does anyone remember when Roddy wrote that those of us that opposed the unnecessary invasion of Iraq were prove wrong when the statute of Saddam came down?

Apparently, he can fool some of you peole all of the time.
We were “welcomed” as not as liberators but as occupiers. A bunch of marines pulling down a statue didn’t change that; proclaiming “mission accomplished” didn’t change that; pretending your found WMDs won’t change that; and elections, unfortunately, won’t change it. Thousands more will die for Bush’s ignorance and arrogance.
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