Friday, February 18, 2005


SAEN Editorial Board

In a preview of a larger study that I am doing to identify the political leanings of every columnist at the SAEN I thought I would give you a peek at the SAEN's Editorial Board. I often hear that the SAEN's editorial page cannot be liberal because they endorsed Bush, twice. That is absurd. My review of the SAEN's columnist includes local writers only because for every Maureen Dowd there is a Cal Thomas and so on. Here is the breakdown of the Editorial Board:
Bruce Davidson, Editor - Liberal
Robert Seltzer, Assoc. Editor - Liberal
Lynell Burkett, Columnist - Liberal
Jonathan Gurwitz, Columnist - Conservative
Gloria Padilla, Writer - Liberal

There you have it folks. So the next time you want to tell me that the SAEN's editorial page is conservative, don't! And if you still need more proof then check out this article by Cynthia Massey.
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