Thursday, February 03, 2005


SAEN Sometimes At Odds With Facts

On page 8A the SAEN has an "analysis" of the State of the Union Speech headlined "Speech sometimes at odds with facts." So let's have some fun and look at the facts of the "analysis." The "analysis" takes issue with President Bush's statement that by 2042 to the social security system would be "exhausted and bankrupt." The "analysis" says that is too bleak because at the point where the system breaks down benefits could be reduced about 22% (and taxes raised) to keep it solvent. Okay, so how is cutting benefits by 22% not the sign of an exhausted and bankrupt system? Next, the "analysis" says Bush was wrong about economic growth, but it is the facts of the "analysis" that are all wrong by pointing out that the recession started in 2001, giving ownership of it all to Bush. Unfortunately, economic activity started to decline during the end of the Clinton administration. Bush said "we must be good stewards of the economy," but the "analysis" says that is a lie because there are 2.4 million more unemployed now than when Bush started. Fine, and more people own homes today than when Bush started. Still need more examples of bias? Okey dokey: Bush mentioned his energy plan. The SAEN "analysis" says he lied because the plan includes drilling in Alaska....okay, I don't see how that is lying but let's keep going. Also on energy, the President said his budget will have funding to help produce hydrogen fueled cars. The SAEN's "analysis" says he is lying because his latest tax plan included tax breaks for "gas guzzling SUV's." Hey, I wonder what kind of vehicles the editors over at the SAEN drive? Oh, never mind. As you can see, the SAEN's "analysis" was nothing more than a chance to give us the left's talking points not to mention being one of the worst examples of warped logic I have ever read. You know, the article itself was bad enough, but the headline that the SAEN slapped on it was scandalous. They imply Bush lied without ever proving it.
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