Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Sour Grapes

I find it amazing that there are people on the left who are still criticizing the war in Iraq and trying to undermine our efforts there every chance they get. This week their new mantra is that the elections were a positive development, but there is still a good chance things will go wrong. These people have been wrong every step of the way, but somehow the MSM still takes the seriously. These same people who complain that we found no WMD stockpiles are wrong at every turn, most recently predicting that the Iraq election would be a disaster. Now they are predicting civil war, and they will be wrong on this too. Here is what Dennis Prager has to say:
There were intellectually and morally honest arguments against going to war in Iraq. But once the war began, a moral person could not oppose it. No moral person could hope for, let alone act on behalf of, a victory for the Arab/Islamic fascists. Just ask yourself but two questions: If America wins, will there be an increase or decrease in goodness in Iraq and in the world? And then ask what would happen if the Al Qaeda/Zarqawi/Baathists win.

It brings me no pleasure to describe opponents of the Iraqi war as "worth nothing." I know otherwise fine, decent people who oppose the war. So I sincerely apologize for the insult.

But to the Left in general, as opposed to individually good people who side with the Left, I have no apologies. It is the Left -- in America, in Europe and around the world -- that should do all the apologizing: to the men, women and children of Iraq and elsewhere for not coming to their support against those who would crush them.

At this point you are either rooting for freedom or rooting for fascism. The left is, amazingly, rooting for fascism because that will be the result if we fail there.

Keep up the blogging ACC. I know that it often seems a thankless endevor but there are those who read and agree, even if they do not comment. Good for you.
Ignoring the sorry strawman of "all left is anti-war and pro-terrorism," did you just claim that WMDs were found?
Iraq did posess, and we found, the components for making biological and chemical weapons. For instance, they had the biological material necessary to make anthrax. What I said was no stockpiles were found.
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