Friday, February 11, 2005


Time For: Stupid Headlines!

Nobody can beat the SAEN for stupid headlines. Here are a few good ones from today's "newspaper" that the Commando enjoyed:
"Torch debate snuffed"
"Fatal errors don't kill support for executions"
"Senate looks down on low-pants bill...But kids still high on droopy trousers"
Somewhere deep in the bowels of the SAEN headquarters there is a lowly intern, trapped in a broom closet, laughing his or her butt off at how clever they are.
Ouch!! Those are some pretty bad ones.
How can the error be "fatal" if it didn't kill the support for executions?
To be truly clever, the headlines have to at least make sense.
Yes! Mark your calendars folks, Mike and the Commando agree on something!
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