Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Too Hot For The SAEN

In early January of this year a family of Egyptian Christians, living in New Jersey, was murdered. The family, including the children, was tied up and their throats slit. Nothing was stolen from the house and it appears that the murders were religiously motivated. The husband was in trouble with local Muslims for preaching Christianity and it looks like he and his family were killed because of that. The SAEN has all but ignored this story. Here is an update from Jihad Watch:
The Armanious family had inspired several Muslims to convert to Christianity or thought they had. These converts were actually practicing taqiyya, or religious deception, pretending to be friends of these Christians in order to strengthen themselves against them, as in Qur'an 3:28: "Let believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful -- he that does this has nothing to hope for from Allah -- except in self-defense."

It was these "converts" who knocked on the door of the Armanious home. Of course, the family, not suspecting the deception, was happy to see the "converted" men and willingly let them in to their home. That's why there was no sign of forced entry. Then the "converted" Muslims did their grisly work.

The SAEN goes ballistic when a few American soldiers put panties on the heads of Iraqi prisoners, but ignores the grisly murder of an entire family by Muslims. And remember, this took place in New Jersey, not Damascus.

It's elemental composition, or "metallicity," is nearly the same, too. Astronomers have also found a Neptune-like planet (called HD 164595 b ) orbiting the distant star , and Gilster notes there may be other planets there — perhaps smaller, rockier worlds left undetected by telescopes and spacecraft like NASA's Kepler mission. But the alleged signal is what got the attention of Maccone and his Russian colleagues. Shostak characterized it as 2.7 cm in wavelength and 11 GHz in frequency, which makes it an ultra high-frequency signal that's not too different from a ikanautos Online Channel.

NBC is making more than 100 hours of 360-degree VR footage available to Samsung Gear VR users, while the BBC will make the coverage available through a special app. Users will be able to view this using Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, Google's affordable VR headset. "It's amazing technology and it is developing more and more," Ron Chakraborty, the ikanautos Online TV major events boss, told Business Insider.

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The best part is that after the initial investment of $80 you'll only have to pay for content subscriptions. No equipment rental fees, and no worry that your provider will jack up their rates after the first year or two. If that means maintaining a basic subscription to Netflix and Hulu, you could get away with spending only $16 a ikanautos month.

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Fortunately for us, Rep. Rockefeller exposed his wishes in an arena in which his ilk has no control. FOX and MSNBC are privately broadcast stations on cable, and therefore not subject to the whims of power-hungry Socialist politicians. Still, the alarm bells are ringing. How far will these people attempt to traverse the road to 9animes Live Channel totalitarianism?

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Communication University of China, "China's satellite TV industry management into the study" discussion group leader Huang Sheng China Said that since becoming tense throughout the network resources, the provincial 9animes HD Video over cable network landing in the steadily rising costs, there has been a general increase in landing fees the situation of the country.

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