Monday, February 28, 2005


What Is The Commando Reading?

I have received several e-mails asking me what I am reading. So, here you go: Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America by Mark Levin. Great book; enjoy.
Wow! No wonder your politics are so skewed to the right if this is the kind of stuff you fill your head up with.
I highly recommend you check out the review of Men In Black by John S. Ryan here. (It is the fourth one down.)
After reading Ryan’s takedown of Levin’s work I have to say I have little respect left for him. You’ll have to tell me whether or not the review is fair since I’m not reading the book.
I am hurt by your comments. I said I am reading the book, not that I have adopted it as my bible. Levin offers some interesting ideas that deserve debate, which is why the book was written. I do believe that Congress should be able to overturn the decisions of the SCOTUS by super majority. The Court was not set up to legislate, but it does so anyway. I also believe term limits should be considered. Several of the current members of the court have openly said they look to foreign laws if they find it necessary to interperate our Constitution. I think this is a bad idea. Obviously the justices have to look at foreign law as it relates to the foundations of our Constitution, but taking a look at a 2001 decision from Nigeria disturbes me. I say again: it's a good thought-provoking book.

My apologies, Commando. I think my comment came across more harshly than I intended.
I'm sure you could look at the books I'm reading by folks like Molly Ivins and Al Franken and say pretty much the same thing.
I was struck by Ryan's review of the book, though, and was curious what you would think.
I guess I just get frustrated some time when in my opinion we have a very conservative Supreme Court filled with Republican appointees and then I see folks like Levin still claiming there is a rampant liberal agenda to blame for all of our problems.
I am not sure I would agree that SCOTUS is conservative. I think both sides have gripes about them. I would say that the lower courts are overwhelmingly liberal and activist.

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