Thursday, February 17, 2005


Yay Iraq! Part II

In keeping with today's theme of good news from Iraq that the SAEN ignores, comes this story about Sunni clerics speaking out against the "insurgency" and backing a united Iraq. In any article about Iraqi politics that appears in the SAEN you will always find mention of the "Sunni problem," which states that Iraq will not be a success because the Sunnis are upset at being a minority. Also, the SAEN tells us that many Sunnis support the terrorist forces. Here is a story from Azzaman:
Senior clerics in the restive city of Mosul have pledged to oust elements seeking violence from their mosques.
They also denounced killing of innocent Iraqis whether Muslims and non-Muslims and all attacks targeting local security forces.
"We call on all the citizens of Mosul to remain steadfast in the face of terrorist and criminal elements and cooperate with the authorities and security services to put an end to violence," the clerics said in a statement following the meeting.

In addition, I am sure that I did not read about this in the SAEN:
The security situation has slightly improved in the city in the past two weeks, with security forces mounting patrols in districts which until recently were viewed as no-go areas.

There is no doubt that we have a long way to go in Iraq, and as the SAEN shows us there is plenty of bad news to be reported. All the Commando is asking for is that the SAEN balance their reporting with some good news.
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