Tuesday, March 22, 2005


And Darn It, People Like Me (Or Not)

I have received plenty of hate mail since I started this blog. It seems some people are pretty thin-skinned, and fear debate. For those of you who do send me hate mail I have to tell you that calling me a liar or a jerk hardly furthers the debate. In fact, about a month ago I even received a death threat. My first---I was so proud! Apparently this guy, Ali, was upset because I called Abu Musab al-Zarqawi a coward on my blog, but mostly the Commando's hate mail is good for a laugh or two, and I thought I would share a particularly obnoxious one, from a particularly cowardly person, that I received yesterday. I will keep this person's identity anonymous. Enjoy:
Your are a stupid person. You are an ignorant a stupid liar at spreading hate, and that is all there is to say. Don't write to me any more.

Apart from this person's atrocious grammar I would like to point out that this person wrote to me, so there really is no reason to ask me not to write to them. He/she concludes their letter with:
Now buzz off.

Like I said, good for a few laughs. This person was not interested in debating the issue, but in calling me names. Furthermore, because I did not agree with him or her I am a stupid person. How arrogant is that?
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