Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Around The Local Blogoshpere

Mike over at Rhetoric & Rhythm has a couple of interesting posts up that are worth checking out. First, he doesn't understand why many people on the right want Condi Rice to run for president in 2008. I don't think he is too enamored with her:
Other than the fact that she is willing to parrot whatever foreign policy position Bush wants, what is it that they think she will offer them? She has said she is pro-choice on abortion and most of her positions on other domestic issues are unknown if she even has any.
And yet the far-right is completely enamored with her and acts like she is the only Republican who can defeat what they are certain will be a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2008.

I think there are many things that I don't agree with Secretary Rice on, but I think what excites many on the right about her running is just the fact that she would be running. Let me explain. The people talking about a Rice run for the presidency at this point are, for the most part, political junkies who are excited at the idea of female Republican running against a female Democrat (Hillary). I would take issue with Mike's characterization of Dr. Rice as a person that "is willing to parrot whatever foreign policy position Bush wants..." because first, in public that is what she is supposed to do as an official of the Bush administration, and second, how many ways can the left find to call her dumb?

Mike has another interesting post up about the recent ruling in the Jose Padilla case. Mike will probably lose friends when I say this, but I agree with him. Unlike those being held at Guantanamo, Padilla is an American, taken into custody in America, and he should be charged with a crime(s) or released:
I have to agree with Donna Newman, one of Padilla's attorneys, when she said the "court ruled that the president does not have the power to seize an American citizen on American soil and hold him indefinitely without a charge. That shouldn't be big news, but it is. . . ."

My suggestion: let's try him, convict him, hang him and be done with it.

So there is a small taste of what is going on around the San Antonio blogoshpere.
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