Thursday, March 10, 2005


Compare & Contrast

Let’s see, there is a single suicide bombing in Iraq plus two grisly discoveries and there were eight bombings in India. The India bombings, all eight of them, are given three tiny paragraphs back in the “World Briefs” section on Page 9A of today’s paper. The single Iraq bombing and two grisly discoveries garner front page coverage with this headline screamed across the front page: “DEATH AND TERROR IN IRAQ.” All caps, just like on today’s front page. Am I trying to say the eight Indian bombings deserve more coverage, no, but I am saying that maybe the SAEN when a little overboard in its coverage of the lone Iraq bombing and two grisly discoveries. You know, compared to India’s eight bombings. Wait, am I repeating myself? Let's continue; maybe the SAEN could admit that, relatively speaking, India is now more dangerous than Iraq as far as bombings go. In fact if Iraqi democracy is in trouble because of a single bombing and two grisly discoveries then Indian democracy must be teetering on the brink of disaster after eight bombings in a single day.
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