Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Darn That Pesky Bush Doctrine

In page 8A of today's paper the SAEN is forced to report that the Bush Doctrine could in fact be working:
Assad also apparently is worried about comparisons with Saddam.

"Please send this message: I am not Saddam Hussein. I want to cooperate," he told Time magazine in an interview published this week.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, "Europe" has joined U.S. calls for a full Syrian withdrawal, and anti-Syrian protest continue in Beirut:
Germany, France and Britain also urged Syria to move swiftly.

In Beirut, Lebanon's political opposition insisted its peaceful "intifada for independence," would continue until Syria made a clear statement detailing the complete pullout of its troops and intelligence apparatus.

Lebanese opposition member and Jbeil MP Fares Soueid said: "The decision made in Damascus does not meet our demands. We were expecting a clear statement that determines the timetable for the pullback of Syrian troops and intelligence forces."

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