Thursday, March 03, 2005


Do We Have To Do This Now?

Oy, speculations grows that Senator Bill Frist wants to be President. From Yahoo! News:
At stop after stop in his home state of country music and rhythm and blues, Sen. Bill Frist - the majority leader of the U.S. Senate - hears the siren song of higher office. From the boardroom of an all-black college to the head table of a county GOP dinner, Frist hears the same appeal: Run for president in 2008.

The presidential speculation, feverish in his home state of Tennessee, may seem preposterously early. But it's become a plot line in Washington that hovers over Frist's obligation as Senate majority leader to push President Bush's ambitious agenda into law, from changing Social Security to appointing conservative judges.

In my humble opinion, Frist's candidacy won't go anywhere if he does not beat the Democrat's on the filibuster of judges. From my point of view Frist looks inept and unable to do what needs to be done. The Republicans are in the majority for crying out loud Senator; act like it.
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