Monday, March 21, 2005


El-Kikhia: Blame Israel

Friday's column by El-Kikhia was disturbing. It was disturbing because anti-Semitism has become so accepted in this country as a legitimate form of scholarship. Here is what he says about the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri:
Hariri's death was a catastrophe for both Syria and Lebanon, because his murderers were intent upon humiliating Syria and keeping Lebanon on the edge of anarchy.

El-Kikhia never identifies the nameless, faceless perpetrators of this crime as he sees it, but who gains from "humiliating" Syria and keeping Lebanon on the "edge of anarchy?" That's right folks, the Jews, Israel. I actually don't fault the Express-News here, they probably never saw this coming.
Commando, I agree with your comment about Mansour El Kikhia, but since you won't come right out and say it, I will: he has a long history in his columns of being openly, and not so openly, anti-semitic. I can't understand why the Express-News lets him get away with it.
that is ridiculous...El Kikhia is in no way anti semitic but only voicing the truth in the region. for those of you ignorant to only beleive propaganda get more informed before you write your stupidity
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