Thursday, March 03, 2005


Iraqi Troops Take Control Of Mosul

More great news from Iraq for the MSM in this country to ignore:
Iraqi troops have spread their control over Mosul, according to Interior Minister Falah al-Naqeeb.

Insurgents controlled Mosul, the country’s second largest city last November, after overrunning its 12 police stations.

“Mosul was on the point of collapse from the security point of view and under threat from organized gangs,” the minister said in an interview.

“The Interior Ministry was forced to take urgent measures, ferrying troops and commandos who have managed to return tranquility and stability to the city,” Naqeeb said.

The minister said the troops have now established “an intelligence and information” gathering center in the city which is receiving full cooperation from residents.

The rallying of the city’s nearly 1.7 million people behind Iraqi troops, according to Naqeeb, has been the catalyst for the latest success in Mosul.

You can read the rest here.
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