Saturday, March 05, 2005


Iraqis Embracing Freedom

A truly inspiring story out of Iraq that I wanted to share with my readers since it is doubtful the SAEN will report it; after all it is good news:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - As more people lose loved ones to the relentless violence, Iraqis are becoming increasingly angry at insurgents, even staging public demonstrations condemning militants.

While it is impossible to precisely gauge public opinion, it is clear many Iraqis have grown tired of two years of insecurity, and some are directing their wrath at those behind the bombings and attacks.

"I demand that they be put in the zoo along with the other scavengers, because that is where they belong," said Bassam Yassin, who lost his brother to an insurgent attack in Mosul. He spoke Wednesday after relatives of victims protested outside a police station in that northern city.

Iraqi public opinion is turning against the terrorists, and in some cases Iraqis are turning on the terrorist:
On Friday, hostility to the insurgency apparently boiled over into bloodshed in Wihda, 25 miles south of Baghdad. Townsmen attacked militants thought to be planning a raid on the town and killed seven, police Capt. Hamadi al-Zubeidy reported.

It is good to see regular Iraqis taking responsibility for the safety of their country. See here, here and here for other examples of positive events in Iraq that the SAEN forgot to report.
I read the Express-News every day and I don't understand why I can't read reports like this one in it's pages. I almost think that Bob Rivard and his fellow editors at the paper want the U.S. to fail in Iraq just because they hate President Bush. Thank God for you Commando.
Anonymous, Thank you for those very kind words.

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