Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Iraqis Taking Control Of Iraq

Some great news out of Iraq, from Azzaman:
In a few days the control of Bataween, a densely and low-income quarter in the heart of Baghdad, will be solely Iraqi forces’ responsibility, according to a senior National Guard officer.

Brigadier Abdujabbar Khalaf said by the transfer of Bataween to Iraqi authority, his forces will be in full control of four major areas of Baghdad.

Khalaf, commander of National Guard 40th Brigade, said his troops recently were intensifying their presence in Baghdad and have recently foiled two suicide bomb attacks.

“Our troops receive intensive training on how to search houses and storm trouble spots.

“They currently receive courses on how to use the Internet and other electronic gadgets to boost their confidence. It is the first time we have such things in the Iraqi army,” he said.

Iraqi troops are now fully in charge of security in the district of Adhamiya, the old Muthana Airport and the restive al-Haifa Street.

“With Bataween we will be responsible for security in four districts in Baghdad,” Khalaf said.

I have received e-mail from reporters over at the SAEN who say they don’t report any good news because it is too dangerous for them to get out of Baghdad. Of course this is disingenuous because good news from Iraq is available all over the web, but that is another argument for another time. This story is taking place in the heart of Baghdad so the only way for US reporters to miss it is if they want to
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