Thursday, March 24, 2005


Local Journalist Makes It Big

Congratulations to SAEN columnist Jonathan Gurwitz for being published in today's Wall Street Journal. The column, headlined "Gone Sour In Sugar Land?" is about Tom DeLay. Here is an excerpt from the column:
The recent swirl of ethics charges surrounding Rep. DeLay plays just about the same here in Texas as it does anywhere else outside the Beltway. "Tom was stupid for messing with corporate money," a prominent Houston GOP leader told me, referring to allegations that a political action committee founded by Mr. DeLay may have violated state law by misusing corporate donations. "If he's not careful, he'll end up like Gingrich."

He concludes with some advice for Mr. Delay, advice SAEN Watch thinks he should follow:
Political figures are rarely as good or as bad--or as simple--as conventional wisdom and the media tend to portray. Tom DeLay is no exception. To retain the loyalty of his Republican colleagues and his district's voters in the future, he'll need to restore some of the ordinariness that distinguished him in the past.

Again, congratulations to Mr. Gurwitz.
Good for Gurwitz! And his column was even a kind of-sort of balanced assessment of the Republican Leader, although he still sugar-coats DeLay’s ethics problems and gives the Republican spin on the re-redistricting fiasco.
For a more clear look at DeLay’s world through not so rose-colored glasses, check out David Brooks’ latest column about the sleazo-cons who make up DeLay’s Washington power base.

While I’m happy for Gurwitz, I’m also still miffed that the WSJ dumped the one and only liberal voice on its editorial pages (Al Hunt) to make room for this new column feature where they apparently go around the country and give small-time right-wingers a chance to write about regional issues.
Oh, and I also meant to pass along kudos for Gurwitz’ excellent article last Sunday on the importance of foreign students coming here to work in science and research.
So you think Mr. Gurwitz is a "small-time-right-winger?" How kind of you.
So you think Mr. Gurwitz is a "small-time-right-winger?"

Did that come across as insulting? I didn't mean it that way. I certainly think the WSJ would consider Mr. Gurwitz "small-time" and I think he would probably agree as well.
Jeesh Mike, I think we are going to have to start calling you the "hammer" or something.
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